Low Cost WordPress

It seems there are many approaches to deploying WordPress on AWS

For example, there are cloud formation templates available. When I used these, they didn’t quite work out of the box, and I had to change some permissions on the Linux file system when it came to doing things like uploading media.

Given that I was going to have to mess around with Linux, my next approach was to follow a walkthough on the AWS site. You install a LAMP stack manually, then install and configure WordPress manually. Its a good learning exercise.

Another option is using LightSail, if it fits your needs.

In the end, I went for a Bitnami WordPress AMI from the Marketplace

For a low cost, low volume site, at the time of writing this site is running on a t2.nano, at less than $5 a month. You could use a t2.micro to be free-tier eligible if your account is still in its first year.

Later I might go for a t2.micro spot instance:

Relatively stable at $0.0038 for 3 months, that works out at $2.73 a month.