Building on AWS

There is free on-demand training from AWS instructors here.

Most of my posts cover simple walk throughs which can be completed in less than an hour. This one is about a longer project. I recommend attending one of the associate level instructor led training courses to gain some knowledge before tackling it.

It is aimed at developers, but may also be of interest to systems administrators or architects. It is intended to be completed over several sessions, and consists of about 24 hours of videos and labs. It uses Python Flask for the example application, and all the code is supplied.

You build the architecture shown in the diagram above.

  • The user signs in using Cognito
  • Uploads a photo to S3
  • S3 sends a message to SNS
  • SNS triggers a Lambda function
  • Lambda uses Rekognition to label the photo
  • The labels are stored in RDS
  • SNS also sends a message to SQS
  • SQS demonstrates a user case where we have an on-premises photo printing service
  • Trace data is sent to X-Ray

One challenge with following on-demand training, especially with rapidly evolving technologies, is that labs can fail for all sorts of reasons. My organization delivers both classroom and virtual instructor led training, where such problems are always quickly resolved. In this project, at the time of writing (April 2020) all the labs worked.

This is a screenshot of the working app: