AWS Pricing Calculator

Most AWS Instructor Led Courses describe the use of the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator to estimate your monthly bill. This tool became known by some as the “Not So Simple Monthly Calculator”.

On June 30, 2020, AWS will no longer support the Simple Monthly Calculator and all users will be redirected to the newer “AWS Pricing Calculator”.

AWS Pricing Calculator was launched in 2018 and has been evolving to include more services.

“AWS Pricing Calculator lets you explore AWS services and create an estimate for the cost of your use cases on AWS. You can model your solutions before building them, explore the price points and calculations behind your estimate, and find the available instance types and contract terms that meet your needs.”

The tool simplifies the choices that you have to make, for example you can get a quick estimate for EC2 instances without delving too deeply into the different EC2 options.

To get started, I input some data loosely based on the “Large Web Application” sample that was supplied with the Simple Monthly Calculator. This is a Ruby on Rails application serving approximately 100,000 page views per month.

I added the following services and supplied data:

Route 53

  • 1 hosted zone
  • 1 million standard queries per month

Elastic Load Balancer

  • 1 Application Load Balancer
  • 10 GB processed bytes per month


  • 4 * m5.large, 1 year reserved term. No upfront payment EC2 Instance Savings Plans rate
  • 300 GB SSD gp2


  • 2 Node Aurora MySQL Compatible instance, db.r5.large. 1 year reserved term. No upfront payment.
  • 20 GB storage


  • 30 GB S3 Standard storage.
  • 10000 PUT, COPY, POST, LIST requests
  • 100000 GET, SELECT requests
  • 300 GB Outbound Data Transfer

You can save and share your estimate as a URL. It will be saved for 3 years.

This is my saved URL

You can also export it as a csv: