WildRydes and AWS Amplify

I recently noticed that one of my favorite AWS tutorials has been updated to use AWS Amplify instead of an S3 bucket to host the static part of a serverless web application.

The rest of the application uses the same architecture as it did before, in other words API gateway is used to front the dynamic part of the site and invokes a Lambda function which writes to DynamoDB.

The tutorial can be found here:


From the Amplify page:

AWS Amplify is a set of tools and services that can be used together or on their own, to help front-end web and mobile developers build scalable full stack applications, powered by AWS. With Amplify, you can configure app backends and connect your app in minutes, deploy static web apps in a few clicks, and easily manage app content outside the AWS console.

You have the option of using an autogenerated domain name like this:


or you can use a custom domain name in Route 53 which maps onto a supplied CloudFront name like this (Amplify integates with CloudFront behind the scenes):

wildrydes.thetrainit.com CNAME Simple

It also integrates with CodeCommit/Github, so that every time an update to the code is pushed, Amplify will provision, build, deploy and verify the application.


Wild Rydes: Building the Future of Unicorn Transportation

Fans of Wild Rydes will know that you can request a Wild Ryde from any location. Today, the CTO of Wild Rydes made this announcement:

“In order to protect the safety of our employees and customers, pick up points will be at designated landing pads. These includes parks and open spaces.”

A unicorn, who wished to remain anonymous, told us:

“I welcome this decision. Flying along streets is fine in science fiction films like The Fifth Element, but has proved too dangerous in real life”

April 1st, 2020